AirPal® CART: Keep your AirPal system together & convenient! 

Part Number: 0500-2 

Unique among competitive mobility and storage products, the economical AirPal CART offers rapid access and mobility for the AirPal system. The AirPal CART has been designed with a new ultra-small “footprint” to minimize the use of floor space. With features that simplify cleaning and maintenance, the CART keeps the AirPal system together and reduces the possibility of component loss. Made from hospital-grade materials, the AirPal CART is easily assembled and adjusted with a standard Allen wrench. In sum, the AirPal CART offers exceptional utility and convenience for a very affordable price!

OR ---SEE the AirPal STAND under the Products/Accessories Menu for another system mobility convenience option.


  • Cart Height: 40"
  • Length and Width: 14" Long x 17" Wide


  • Metal components: 304 Stainless Steel
  • Storage Basket and Casters: Molded Plastic

Keep your lateral transfer system together & at your fingertips!

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