AirPal TransferPads can be used with equivalent 80CFM Air Supplies!

Genuine AirPal® Reusable PVR TransferPads are guaranteed to last 5 years.PRODUCT-airsupply-320x333

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An AirPal Reusable TransferPad lasts at least 5 times longer than a generic transfer pad. In fact, we still have some in active service that were manufactured when we invented this technology in the 1980's!

Even if your current Air Supplies look different than the one on the right, AirPal has an upgrade strategy that can help you get the most out of your previous investment.

Order AirPal Reusable TransferPads today and reduce your replacement costs!

If you prefer to use a Disposable TransferPad, don't forget to check out our AirPal SPS - the most rugged and lowest-cost disposable on the market!

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Eligible competitive products include:
  • Hovertech Hovermatt ®
  • EZ Way EZ Matt ®
  • Stryker Glide ®
  • ARJO Maxi Air®
  • Sage Products Prevalon™ Liftaem®
  • etc.

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