Gentle as a cloud for patients and caregivers, there's nothing like an AirPal®!

Over 36 years ago, AirPal introduced the FIRST air-assisted transfer system for enhanced patient comfort and reduced nursing injuries. The patient is transferred on a cushion of air that is as gentle as a cloud - allowing two staff members to perform a task which previously required four to eight!

The AirPal works by releasing low-pressure air through perforated chambers in the TransferPad. The TransferPad is placed under a patient in the same manner as changing a bed sheet. A lightweight portable UL approved AIR SUPPLY is then attached to, and inflates, the TransferPad. 

AirPal has the broadest line of TransferPad sizes and patient surface materials!

Reusable PVR TransferPads N&L Series: The AirPal Reusable TransferPad is a superior product and offers exceptional value through an extended service life. Specialty engineered fabrics for clinical environments are used on patient surfaces (N-Series offers 4-Way-Flex fabric ideal for skin concerns, L-Series offers Hi-Fluid Conductive fabric ideal for the O.R.). All seams on AirPal Reusable TransferPads are double stitched (not heat sealed) and all attachment points are reinforced. As a result, the AirPal Reusable TransferPad has a 5 year warranty -  the BEST warranty in the industry!

Disposable SPS TransferPads (Single Patient Stay):  With a lower cost per patient than "single-use" disposables, the Airpal SPS is the highest quality disposable transfer pad on the market, offering exceptional cost-effectiveness and economy - just what you’d expect from the premium heath care specialists at Airpal!

SEE the AIRPAL STAND and the AIRPAL CART under the Products/Accessories Menu for system mobility convenience options.

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