For all AirPal® systems with lateral patient transfer functionality 

Part Number – AS1100 (110-120V)  PA-1200 (220-240V)

Tested to comply with the latest UL Standard (60601-1) for Electrical Medical Devices, the AirPal Air Supply powers your patient transfer and positioning needs with a high volume/low pressure source of airflow.


  • 1100W/1200W UL Certified Electrical Medical Device - Compliant with UL-60601-1. Also compliant with CSA and CE.
  • Integrated cord holder and bed/stretcher hook – permits the air supply to be attached to and transported with any stretcher.
  • Washable and reusable 2 micron filter keeps airflow contaminant free.
  • Hospital grade design – Stainless steel filter enclosure and smooth surfaces facilitate cleaning. A GMPJ double insulated grounded Hospital Grade 3 Prong Cord means easy internal approval for use.
  • Includes flexible 6 foot hose which is easily connected to the AirPal TransferPad without use of Velcro® (a known skin abrasion and infection control vector). A non-magnetic custom length hose is available as an accessory for use in an MRI environment.
  • Special diffuser design allows operation without need to "muffle" for noise suppression (when compared to competitive designs). This means the Air Supply can be operated independent of enclosures or totes or other noise suppression means.
  • Compact design and light weight – H10.75” X W9.5” and 8.2lbs or 9.6lbs w/cord. Makes storage and portability simple.


Tested for use with patients weighing up to 1200lbs. - The AirPal Air Supply was tested as it would be used in the field as a system. As such, the AirPal Air Supply was tested to conform to the standards while connected to the "system" and with a maximum loading of the AirPal® TransferPad with a patient equivalent weight of 1200lbs. Theoretically, any of the AirPal® products could be used with a higher weight loading. Additionally, AirPal® TransferPads have an air hose connection point on the right and left of the foot end to facilitate transfers in either direction. The second air hose connection can be used with an extra Air Supply to facilitate transfers of extremely obese patients by providing additional airflow (although not required). The ability of being able to use an additional Air Supply is of great benefit for those working with special populations, as in Bariatrics, since the additional airflow aids in reducing friction. The AirPal STAND can be ordered in configurations for single or dual Air Supply operation.


  • Non-Magnetic Air Supply Hose – An available 25 foot (or custom length) air hose means that AirPal products can be used in a MRI environment while the Air Supply remains outside the magnetic field.
  • 2 Micron Replacement Filter – This reusable "sock type" filter can be removed, cleaned, sanitized and replaced for multiple uses. See the appropriate Air Supply Manual in the AirPal Documents section. Also see "Cleaning Guidelines" for more information.
  • AirPal STAND – A Hospital Grade design based upon an I.V. Pole, the AirPal Stand provides the ultimate in mobility and storage while resistant to tip over.  Available in two pre-configured versions, the AirPal STAND can be ordered to accommodate either one or two Air Supplies. For more information, see "AirPal STAND" in the Accessories selection in the Products Menu.
  • AirPal CART - Convenience, Functionality, and Durability Built into a Small Footprint! The AirPal CART can accommodate Air Supplies such as: AS800, AS1100, PA1200, AIR200G, AIR400G, HTAIR1200, and others to leverage any previous investments in equivalent air supply systems! The AirPal CART features an ergonomic handle, a storage basket for AirPal TransferPads, a cord rewind, and a hose holder to protect the end of the hose and keep it clean. For more information, see "AirPal CART" in the Accessories selection in the Products Menu.


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