AirPal®  Reusable ShortPad™

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N Series ShortPad with industry leading 5 year warranty:PRODUCT-PVR Shortpad 300x219

Similar to the AirPal PVR Standard TransferPads but shorter in length (47" rather than 78"), this ShortPad with 4-Way Flex material on the patient surface is ideal for easy repositioning of a patient in bed or for use during Drop Table procedures (OBGYN, etc.). ShortPads are also great for Portable Head CTS positioning.

A full variety of widths are available (28, 30, 32, 34, 39, 50”) and they are designated by an "SH" at the end of the part number (028NSH, etc.). Adjusted length Sani-Liners are also available for the ShortPad.

L Series ShortPadPRODUCT-PVR Shortpad Lectrolite 300x219

Same as the NSH version above, except the patient surface is covered with Lectrolite® for applications where electrical conductivity is desired or where excess fluids could be encountered (032LSH, etc.).

Please note: AirPal also offers low-cost Disposable SPS ShortPads for exceptional flexibility and convenience.


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