AirPal® TraumaPad

Part Number - 028LTR (size shown)PRODUCT-PVR Trauma Pad 276x180

This Reusable TransferPad is constructed of a launderable nylon twill fabric treated with a bacteria coating, added to a water- proof, vapor-permeable urethane inner coating, and a static check coating to prevent the buildup of static electricity. The pad is approximately 28 inches wide for smaller surfaces, and the top, sides and portion of bottom of pad are Lectrolite®, the same conductive material used to cover operating room table pads and stretcher pads. Application uses are in areas where excess fluids could be encountered such as ER, Trauma, OR, Cardiac Cath. Lab. and Obstetrics. Sizes available are: 28, 30, 32, 34, 39, and 50".PRODUCT-PVR Trauma Pad (bottom view) 280x250

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