AirPalĀ®  PVR (Premium-Value-Reusable) TransferPad - 78" Standard Length

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The AirPal Reusable TransferPad is a superior product and offers exceptional value through an extended service life. Specialty engineered fabrics for clinical environments are used for patient surfaces (L Series: Conductive & Hi-Fluid, N Series: 4-Way-Flex). All seams on the AirPal Reusable TransferPad are double stitched (not heat sealed) and all attachment points are reinforced. As a result, the AirPal Reusable TransferPad has a 5 year warranty -  the BEST warranty in the industry! 

N SeriesPRODUCT-PVR 34N 300x200

This 78" Standard Length Reusable TransferPad is constructed of nylon twill fabric with an anti-bacterial patient surface of special 4-Way-Flex fabric. Fully machine launderable (wash and dry) AirPal offers different width pads for use with various size surfaces and patients.

  • 018N: 18" wide for narrow surfaces
  • 024N: 24" wide
  • 026N: 26" wide
  • 028N: 28" wide (most common size for OR use)
  • 032N: 32" wide
  • 034N: 34" wide
  • 039N: 39" wide for use with bariatric patients
  • 050N: 50" wide for the largest bariatric patients - 2 Air Supplies recommended


Our L Series pads are the same as our N Series, except the 4-Way-Flex patient surface is replaced with a Hi-Fluid, Conductive material that is often used to cover operating room tables and stretcher pads. Cleaned by wipe down procedure, these pads are typically used in areas where excess fluids could be encountered such as ER, Trauma, OR, Cardiac Cath. Lab. and Obstetrics.

  • 018L: 18" wide for narrow surfaces
  • 024L: 24" wide
  • 026L: 26" wide
  • 028L: 28" wide (most common size for OR use)
  • 032L: 32" wide
  • 034L: 34" wide
  • 039L: 39" wide for use with bariatric patients
  • 050L: 50" wide for the largest bariatric patients - 2 Air Supplies recommended