BLTKit™-GREEN  Bariatric Lateral Transfer Kit with REUSABLE Multi-Patient TransferPad

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For caregivers who prefer a REUSABLE Multi-Patient Transfer Pad, the BLTKit-GREEN offers the classic AirPal Air-Assisted Lateral Patient Transfer system in a compact and economical form. Ideal for EMS, post-acute, long-term and home care settings, the AirPal BLTKit-GREEN can also be used as an economical “starter kit” for acute-care facilities. The Kit contains all of the components necessary to laterally transfer patients with air-mattress comfort and reduced injury risk.
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Using air-assisted transfer technology that AirPal invented 30 years ago, caregivers can laterally transfer patients on a cushion of air coming out of tiny holes in the bottom of the Transfer Pad. The AirPal Reusable Pad has a rugged design that holds up for years of lateral transfers—and it is capable of easily moving patients up to 1200 lbs. Designed with advanced fabrics, the Airpal Reusable is easy to wipe clean with standard anti-bacterial cleaners, and unlike other reusable brands, it can be both machine washed and dried! The AirPal TransferPad is a High-Value-Reusable—just what you’d expect from the premium heath care specialists at AirPal!

The BLTKit is offered at a price that is below most capital purchasing thresholds, so the benefits of the AirPal Air-Assisted Transfer System have never been easier to obtain! Order your AirPal BLTKit-GREEN today—and always be prepared to laterally transfer a patient on a cushion of air—gently and safely!

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