AirPal Solutions for EMS / ER

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EMSPRODUCT-BLTkit 85x57Bariatric Lateral Transfer Kit (BLTKit-SPS or BLTKit-GREEN): When caring for a bariatric patient, the economical BLTKit is an essential safety aid. The AirPal BLTKits contain all of the components necessary to laterally transfer bariatric patients with air-mattress comfort and reduced injury risk to patients and caregivers. Kits are available with either Single-Patient-Stay TransferPads or Multi-Patient Reusable Pads.

BANNER-BLTkit 800x100

PRODUCT-SPSstd 85x71Single-Patient TransferPad-SPS: The Airpal SPS (Single-Patient-Stay) is the highest quality single-patient TransferPad on the market offering exceptional economy. The SPS may be wiped down with standard hospital cleaners and is even launderable. MRI & X-ray compatible.

PRODUCT-PVRN 85x57Reusable TransferPad-N: Patient surface is a specialized anti-microbial 4-Way-Flex medical fabric for skin care. This is the same material that is often used to cover hospital mattresses. MRI and X-ray compatible.

PRODUCT-PVRL 85x82Reusable TransferPad-L: Patient surface is made of anti-microbial Lectrolite® recommended when excess fluids may be encountered. Lectrolite is the same electrically conductive material that is often used to cover operating room tables and stretchers. MRI & X-Ray compatible.

Reusable ShortPad-N&L Series: The AirPal Reusable ShortPad facilitates easy repositioning of a patient without the “leg portion” of the full-size TransferPad hindering access to the patient’s lower body (47" long). The ShortPad is recommended for bariatric drop-table procedures. MRI & X-ray compatible.

PRODUCT-SPSsrt 85x78Single-Patient ShortPad-SPS: The disposable ShortPad is ideal for the repositioning of patients. With a rugged construction and Single-Patient-Stay convenience, the ShortPad offers exceptional economy. MRI & X-ray compatible.

Reusable TraumaPad:  The AirPal TraumaPad is ideal when excess fluids could be encountered. In addition to having Lectrolite® on the patient surface of the TransferPad, it is also provided on the sides and on a portion of bottom surface.

Sani-Liners: AirPal extended-width Sani-Liners are easily attached to TransferPads with non-ferrous MRI compatible snaps to provide a quicker “turnaround” between patients, a reduced inventory of TransferPads in the cleaning cycle, reduced laundering costs, and an extended TransferPad service life.

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