OneStep!  TransferPad Evaluation and Repair Procedure

PRODUCT-PVR 34LAirPal PVR (Premium-Value-Reusable) TransferPads last a very long time. Even after our unmatched warranty period has expired, the TransferPads can often be repaired for many more years of use. PRODUCT-PVR 34N 300x200 This is one of the reasons why the AirPal system is so cost-effective!

When TransferPads need some repair (whether they are in - or out - of warranty) we have developed OneStep! to make the process as easy and as rapid as possible.

OneStep! Procedure:
Make sure that the Reusable TransferPads being sent for evaluation are free from biohazard. Next, make a packing list with a request for OneStep! that contains a purchase order number with proper billing details and information about who to contact when the TransferPads have been evaluated and/or repaired. Then, box up the TransferPads and send them via UPS to: AirPal, Inc., 1488 Limeport Pike, Coopersburg, PA 18036. 800-633-4725. There is no need to check on Pad warranty in advance. When we get the Pads, we’ll look up the serial numbers and automatically repair at no cost any Pads that qualify under the warranty.

OneStep! Cost Estimate:
To estimate the cost of OneStep! for your purchase order, multiply the number of TransferPads being shipped to AirPal times $100 each. If a Pad can be repaired, $100 will be charged unless the Pad qualifies for free repair under warranty. If a Pad cannot be repaired, it will be thrown away at the AirPal facility at no cost to you (for either the evaluation or the pad disposal) and you will be notified. The invoice will never be more than the estimate, and will often be less. There will be no shipping charges when returning the repaired TransferPads to you.

If an exact quote is needed, please provide specific contact info (email address and phone number) for this approval step, and allow more time for the Evaluation and Repair process.

Questions? Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 800-633-4725

For a hard copy of OneStep!, please click here.

For AirPal’s Statement of Warranty, please click here.