NOVAPLUS® Single-Patient Transfer Pads For Vizient GPO Members - Contract # CE2611

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Some single-patient lateral transfer pads will NOT  last throughout a patient's hospital stay.
The NOVAPLUS® SPS Single-Patient-Stay* Transfer Pad changes all that with a rugged design that holds up for multiple lateral transfers. Designed with advanced fabrics and coatings, the NOVAPLUS® SPS is easy to wipe clean with standard anti-bacterial cleaners. Unlike other single-patient pads that have been built with water-soluble thread to prevent washing and reuse, AirPal NOVAPLUS SPS will not fall apart when wet -  and it can even be laundered!

Sizes available:
(4) Standard 78" Long widths: N028SPSLH (28" new OR width with long handles), N034SPS (34"), N039SPS (39"), N050SPS (50")
(2) ShortPad 47" Long widths: N034SPSH (34"), N039SPSH (39") - ideal for drop-table procedures!

In addition to high quality and compatibility with competitive air supply systems,
the NOVAPLUS® SPS offers the lowest cost available for a single-patient transfer pad!

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*based on acute care application
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