AirPal Solutions for Bariatric Patients

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SOLUTIONS-CU taking notes in orPRODUCT-BLTkit 85x57Bariatric Lateral Transfer Kit (BLTKit-SPS or BLTKit-GREEN): When caring for a bariatric patient, the economical BLTKit is an essential safety aid. The AirPal BLTKits contain all of the components necessary to laterally transfer bariatric patients with air-mattress comfort and reduced injury risk to patients and caregivers. Kits are available with either Single-Patient-Stay TransferPads or Multi-Patient Reusable Pads.BANNER-BLTkit 800x100

PRODUCT-SPSstd 85x71Single-Patient TransferPad-SPS: The Airpal SPS (Single-Patient-Stay) is the highest quality single-patient TransferPad on the market offering exceptional economy. As with all AirPal TransferPads, the bariatric widths are considered to be 39" and 50". AirPal SPS may be wiped down with standard hospital cleaners and is even launderable. X-ray and MRI* compatible (*w/MRI 25' non-magnetic hose).

PRODUCT-PVRN 85x57Reusable TransferPad-N: Patient surface is a specialized anti-microbial 4-Way-Flex medical fabric for skin care. These are the same materials that are often used to cover hospital mattresses. X-ray and MRI* compatible.

PRODUCT-PVRL 85x82Reusable TransferPad-L: Patient surface is made of anti-microbial Lectrolite® recommended when excess fluids may be encountered. Lectrolite is the same electrically conductive material that is often used to cover operating room tables and stretchers. X-ray and MRI* compatible.

Reusable ShortPad-N&L Series: Ideal for OB/GYN and cystoscopy, the AirPal Reusable ShortPad facilitates easy repositioning of a patient without the “leg portion” of the full-size TransferPad hindering access to the patient’s lower body (47" long). The ShortPad is recommended for bariatric drop-table procedures. X-ray and MRI* compatible.

PRODUCT-SPSsrt 85x78Single-Patient ShortPad-SPS: The disposable ShortPad is ideal for the repositioning of bariatric patients in the O.R. or for routine examination procedures. With a rugged construction and Single-Patient convenience, the ShortPad offers exceptional economy. X-ray and MRI* compatible.

SaniLiners: AirPal extended-width SaniLiners are easily attached to TransferPads with non-ferrous MRI compatible snaps to provide a quicker “turnaround” between patients, a reduced inventory of TransferPads in the cleaning cycle, reduced laundering costs, and an extended TransferPad service life.

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