AirPal SPS Single-Patient ShortPad™

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Ideal for O.R. Drop Table Procedures. The AirPal SPS Single-Patient-Stay* ShortPad (47" long) allows free access to the patient’s abdominal areas without having to move the lower portion of a full-length pad during surgical procedures. The Product Codes for ShortPads are 034SPSH and 039SPSH respectively.

- Widths 34", 39" x 47" long
- Compatible with equivalent air supply systems

ONE PATIENT - ONE PAD. The Airpal SPS ShortPad has a rugged construction that holds up for multiple lateral transfers. Designed with advanced fabrics and coatings, the SPS ShortPad is easy to wipe clean with standard anti-bacterial cleaners, and under certain conditions, it can even be laundered.

Please note: AirPal also offers Reusable ShortPads for exceptional economy.

*based on acute care application

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