Inventor of air-assisted patient transfer & positioning systems!

Over twenty nine years ago, AirPal, Inc. brought you "The AirPal®" - the industry's FIRST air-assisted lateral patient transfer system for enhanced patient comfort and reduced nursing injuries. Over the years there have been many imitations, but none have matched the quality or the savings of a genuine AirPal!

Today, AirPal offers a long lasting "Disposable" to complement its industry leading line of "Durable" TransferPads.

The AirPal SPS (Single-Patient-Stay) TransferPad™ is the most economical One Patient, One Pad transfer system on the market!  Many disposable pads are not durable enough to last throughout a patient’s hospital stay. The Airpal SPS changes all that with a rugged design that holds up for multiple lateral transfers. Best of all, the AirPal SPS is compatible with equivalent air supply systems!  Click here for more details!

If you prefer "Durable" transfer pads, our AirPal PVR (Premium-Value-Reusable) TransferPad is the longest lasting transfer pad available anywhere!  The AirPal PVR (also known as PLATFORM) is guaranteed to last 5 years. You won't get that kind of a promise from the competition! Click here for PVR info!

Why continue to buy pads that don't last? Why not cut your replacement costs today and use AirPal quality TransferPads with your current air supplies (Hovertech Hovermatt®, EZ Way EZ Matt®, Stryker Glide®, etc.)?   Click here to see how!





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